By Teens for Teens!

Written by Armando, age 17 & Claudia, age 16

We first heard about the Teen Advisory Board through some friends at school and we decided to spend some of our summer volunteering at library events. Through this volunteering is how we first found interest in joining TAB. We attended our first meeting about two weeks ago and met existing TAB members. In this particular meeting Rhea, the teen services librarian, first introduced the Yolo Youth Rally and the Yolo County Elections Bash. TAB members Amber and Sydney volunteered to make posters for the events.

For those further interested in planning the events, a follow-up meeting was held. In this meeting we brainstormed ideas for the life skills portion of the Yolo Youth Rally. The life skills we talked about included resume and interview skills, conflict resolution, financial literacy, automotive maintenance, and self-defense. The idea behind these life skills and the Yolo Youth Rally is that teens need and don’t often have the opportunity to learn things not taught in school.

At this same meeting, we also went over the posters that the other TAB members made. We reviewed the design and wording on the poster. We were impressed with the first draft of the posters but ended up making some crucial changes in wording. Throughout the entire poster process, we had to be very cautious of the connotation of the words we used because we couldn’t sound biased towards any one political party or give off the impression that we would be instilling specific political beliefs in attendees. Part of the message we are trying to send is that teens should be able to gather all the facts and form their own unique political ideas. We faced the challenge of trying to make the poster more concise while still offering more information. This planning board had the idea of placing a note on the poster that called attention to a specific measure that is funding this event. This measure makes use of tax-payer money by putting it towards the civil education of our youth. Essentially, the parents of the community paid in part for this event. In the end, we had a colorful poster that we were all proud to be behind. The theme of our poster is political empowerment.

After all this planning, we attended a meeting at the Yolo County Elections Office with Rhea and one other TAB member, Rosaamelia Cordova. At the meeting, we presented the Yolo Youth Rally poster and Rosaamelia presented the Yolo County Elections Bash poster. We received feedback on the design of our posters. Based on this feedback, we decided to make a male-oriented version of our Rosie the Riveter poster that had Uncle Sam instead, and to put more information on the Elections Bash poster. We decided to add a phone number alongside our website for contact information, and also as a registration tool for those without access to internet, and then also set a registration deadline.



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