TAB Presents Yolo Youth Rally

TAB members, pictured from left to right; Sydney, Armando, Claudia, Anoushka and Roshelle, gave a presentation on the Yolo Youth Rally last night at the Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting  at Woodland’s City Hall Chambers.

Each of them spoke about the purpose and goals of the Rally.

There are plenty of things that teens want and need to to learn about, but don’t get a chance to. The Yolo Youth Rally will provide the opportunity for teens to learn in high school.

Yolo Youth Rally Reasons Why

Armando covered: What is it? Who is organizing it?

Sydney covered: Who created the flyers? Who is it for?

Claudia covered: What will happen? Why are we doing this?

Anoushka covered: Who is paying for it? When and Where?

Roshelle covered: Where do you register?

And everyone answered the question: Why should all teens attend?

We prepared right before the presentation and each teen gave a confident and thoughtful answer.

The Parks and Rec board members were very enthusiastic and willing to help promote the event throughout the city.


Thanks everyone and don’t forget to register!TAB Presenting Yolo Youth 8-22-16




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