Official Press Release for Yolo Youth Rally

PRESS RELEASE City of Woodland
300 First Street
Woodland, CA 95695


Subject : Yolo Youth Rally!

Contacts : Rhea Fabricante, Teen Services Librarian, City of Woodland Public Library, 5306615988,

Maryam Irfan, Student Outreach Assistant, UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program,

Yolo Youth Rally! All 8th-12th grade students from Yolo County are invited to this free leadership conference happening on September 24 and 25. It will be held at the Woodland Community College in Conference Room 800 from 8:30 – 4:00 pm on both days.

The Yolo Youth Rally will provide students with many unique opportunities to become informed citizens.

Students will learn about voting and the elections process directly from the Yolo County’s Elections Office and Women League of Voters in a strictly non-partisan environment. Information will be presented in a neutral manner to create a safe space for youth to form their own opinions. Students will get to participate in a mock election using actual ballots and voting booths.

Jesse Salinas, Yolo County Registrar of Voters, will engage youth in conversations about the importance of voting and civic participation. According to Salinas, “Engaging and empowering our Yolo County youth is a sincere passion of mine. My goal is to encourage this diverse group to be active in their community and to ensure that their voices are heard both today and in the future.”

The Youth Rally features a variety of workshops and activities where students can learn about essential life-skills. Various organizations and companies are volunteering to lead workshops on topics such as the job application process, money management, conflict resolution, college life, sexual health, self-defense, and mindfulness through yoga.

Armando Castaneda, Teen Advisory Board (TAB) member, describes the motivation behind these workshops, “These life skills and the Yolo Youth Rally are what teens need, the opportunity to learn things not taught in school.”

Castaneda, along with other teens, designed and provided feedback for the Youth Rally Flyer that was distributed throughout Yolo County. The teens decided it was important to note on the flyer that the Youth Rally is paid for by tax-payer dollars, “So that parents are aware that they are paying for it and more teens attend.”

The Youth Rally was planned through the collective efforts of local teens from the Woodland Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board, Yolo County Elections Office, Yolo County Office of Education, Woodland Community College and UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program.

The registration deadline has been extended to September 21. Students are still able to get involved and register online at or by calling 530-661-5988.


City of Woodland
250 First Street
Woodland, CA 95695
p. 530-661-5980



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